RFD100 Wireless Extra Display

RFD100 Wireless Extra Display
RFD100 Wireless Extra Display RFD100 Wireless Extra Display RFD100 Wireless Extra Display RFD100 Wireless Extra Display
Brand: KeyGlory
Product Code: RFD100
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By using an wireless RFD100, players are able to see a display of the number called, even though they may not be in sight of the bingo caller and their machine.
RFD100 is a display unit which consists of a 100mm (4") two digit, solid seven segment display, which only connects to a 'Wingo RF' bingo machine.
The RFD100 can also be linked to several other RFD100s to 'daisy chain' if necessary. The range is approx 50m* between 2 units.
Dimensions (H/W/D): 190mm. / 265mm. / 25mm.
Display size: 100 mm. 
Weight 730g. 
Power Supply: 5V 200mA. dc Regulated.
Can be battery operated using 4xAAA.**
Designed and built in the U.K.
The correct power supply for your country is also included.

In the video above you will notice a slight delay between the 'Wingo RF' and the 'RFD100' on the wall. This is for a reason... When you press and hold the 'select' button on the Wingo the next number is displayed to the operator of the machine (top right window on the wingo) but this number is only displayed to the audience once you release the button. This allows the bingo caller to choose how much notice they have between seeing the next number and when they 'call' and display it.
Please note: This is not a bingo machine. This is an extra display that connects only to the 'Wingo RF' Bingo machine.
* The 50m range quoted is if there is a clear line of sight between the 'Wingo RF' and 'RFD100' units. Not unlike a wifi connection this distance is reduced if there are walls/floors in the way of the signal.

** Because of the large bright displays battery life can be slightly limited so use of the the RFD100 using the power supply is recommended where possible.

Can Be Used On Batteries Yes
Audience Display Size 4'' (100mm)
Jack Socket Outputs To Connect To Extra Display Units No
Wireless connection To Extra Display Unit Yes. To 'Wingo RF' or another 'RF100'

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